Hello, my name is Inex πŸ™‹

Hello, my name is Inex πŸ™‹



in support of small businesses in Western Australia.

Ever since its conception, the blog has evolved to cover hotel reviews, travel and food in other countries as well.


Need some photos for your event, personal project, or business? I’m a freelancer photographer.

Contact me to discuss your photography need.

My instagram is my portfolio. Check it here.

πŸ’» WORK!

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To pay for bills, photography equipments, phone, and electricity, I start to take on paid jobs for my blog and social media accounts.

I work as a Social Media Strategist as my full time job. Find some free tips for your social media below!

πŸš€ My first solo travel…

was when I had to move to Perth in the year 2000.

🍴 During my free time

I love arranging dinner get-together with some old and new friends. My other passion is to create a connection between people, be an encourager, and to create a positive contribution to their journey.

I enjoy eating my way around the world and travelling. If you ever want to grab a coffee, bounce ideas off, (or join the next dinner gathering), please send a message my way.