I love talking about Social Media and Photography with other people, and after doing it for more than 5 years 😅, I decided to create some free guides.

Social Media is very powerful, but it's not just a matter of creating a content and post it. I'm still learning new things about it everyday (especially with Instagram’s algorithm 😤). Do not hesitate to shoot me an email: if you want me to cover a certain topic.

👉 Feel free to share it around to anyone that you think might benefit from it.

Free Social Media Resources

💁 New to Social Media?

This guide will quickly cover some social media strategies if you're new to the social media playground.

Free Instagram Guide

💪 Instagram Guide for Beginner

Instagram is one of my favourite Social Media platform. It's a very visual platform and I got to meet a lot of interesting people from Instagram.

Quick Tips for Food Photography

📷 Let’s shoot!

There are times when you need to take your own photos, either for business or personal purposes. Here’s a quick food photography tips that can help you.