Bakery Ordinary Day, Kameoka

We were so hungry after our 25 minutes trip on the Sagano Scenic Railway (嵯峨野観光鉄道) so I looked to Yelp to find a restaurant near the JR Umahori station. The closest place that was opened in the morning around the area was the Bakery Ordinary Day.

We walked in and smelt the beautiful smell of fresh bread. There was a big window next to the cashier that showed a big dough and bread maker machine. Each bread was quite cheap in comparison to Bakery & Table at Hakone, this must be due to the location as well. We noticed a few local people who drove and parked right outside the bakery. Two women who lived around the neighbourhood walked to buy some fresh bread as well. 

The bakery was quite small but they offer free hot tea and water for customers. There was also a small toaster that can be used at the premise to heat up some breads.

We ended up buying too many kinds of  breads but was happy with our purchase. Definitely put this place on your radar if you stop at Kameoka and grab some breads before your trip back to Kyoto.